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Patient Testimonials

  • “Hi friends! I am a GP by profession in West Midlands area. I heard about Este world from a friend and was quite eager to try it out having seen the amazing results on the mentioned friend.”

    — Anonymous

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  • “After years of worrying about my hair loss I decided to build up the courage and finally do something about it.”

    — Yassir

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  • “I knew Esteworld was the best option for me as I was getting the after-care which I wasn't offered by the other companies.”

    — Satnam

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  • “I have recommended Esteworld to my family and friends who will come soon too. This hair transplantation is not a waste of money, as this is for life! Great experience!”

    — Mohammed

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  • “I was explained the procedure very well, no false hopes, treatments not too badly priced.”

    — Sykaa

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  • “At first I was a bit scared of going to Esteworld in Turkey because I'd never travelled as far as Turkey before.”

    — George

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  • “To anyone looking for trustworthy, affordable service and seeking fantastic hair transplant results - I would highly recommend Esteworld. ”

    — Rav

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  • “Sam has been a rock and a great support, communicating with me all the way through and on a regular basis. I would recommend Esteworld Medical Group to anyone. ”

    — J Brown

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  • “My name is kukki, i am 43 years old.i have lost my hair 15 years ago, I am back actor playing in Bollywood movies so I had to have my hair back, I went to a company called optima in Birmingham, they have glued a wig on my head and said this is my new hair back”

    — Kulvinder Singh

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  • “Its been 5 weeks since I had my hair transplant with Esteworld, and I have honestly got to say it was the best decision I made. ”

    — Bobby Kang

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  • “It was a great experience, the staff were excellent very very friendly, the hospital was very clean and the other people there having the op looked very satisfied.”

    — Craig walker

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  • “For anyone thinking about having a hair transplant done, Esteworld is without a doubt the best value for money and their expert team are so helpful in every way possible.”

    — Niall Staunton

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  • “The process was very simple and from the moment I left the plane in turkey everything was arranged, transport from the airport to the 5* hotel and the transport to and from the centre”

    — Chris Bracknall

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  • “When I had a look at myself I couldn't believe the results I am so over the moon. All I hated has gone and in its place is a 6 pack!!!!!! This was the best decision I have ever made.”

    — Dave O

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  • “If anyone has any hair loss problems come to esteworld I highly recommend it, the service is 5 star!”

    — shaz k

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  • “I had tried many other products before to help my hair grow but nothing was working till I discovered Esteworld.”

    — Mahmuda Bibi

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  • “Me and 2 other friends are booked to go Esteworld in istambul in December to have some ladies staff and can't wait for it.”

    — Samina Bi

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  • “The day of the procedure... was effortless. I was picked up by the Esteworld driver, greeted by the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and walked through everything I needed to do, and rooms I needed to be in. The doctors were all friendly and very accommodating.”

    — Chris Park

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  • “I had an excellent experience with Este world. ”

    — Ranjeet Rana

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    — Sohail Khan

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  • “Honestly, I didn't think that it would be so straight forward, and the early results are great. I can't want to see what my hair looks like in a few months. ”

    — Alex Quick

  • “ I really do recommend Esteworld for everyone aiming to improve their hair growth.”

    — Reena Rahman

  • “After 3 months of laser hair treatment my hair is much fuller and thicker i will highly recommend going to este world”


  • “The staff are very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Esteworld to all of you. ”

    — Farida Begum

  • “ Had a very good experience having hair transplant from Esteworld. All the staff took very good care of me and I had such an amazing time with them.”

    — Waseem Hussain