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Andrew Wade Testimonial

I am 36 years old and started losing my hair in my early twenties. I got a bit annoyed being teased by people but also did not like looking older than I was as I am a very energetic and dynamic person so did not feel that my hairline was consistent with my character.

I met Sam Cinkir aged 30 and he recommended the laser therapy. I was initially unable to attend regular sessions so Sam kindly restarted my programme outlining the need to come weekly to get good results. This had great results of thickening my hair where I still had hair but I wanted a fuller hairline.

Sam started speaking to me about going to Este World in Turkey for an FUE operation. I had reservations due to the poor results and scarring I had seen from other transplants. My reassurance came as Sam arranged for me to meet other clients who had been to Turkey and on hearing their stories and seeing their results, I booked an FUE treatment for September 2013.

My trip to Turkey in September 2013 for my FUE treatment went very well. Este World greeted me at the airport with a taxi driver who looked after me incredibly well. I was put up in a hotel which looked after me very well and provided me with any special treatment I needed e.g. Ice packs every 3 hours after my operation. There was no need to be embarrassed at the hotel as they were very sympathetic to my requirements.

I could not imagine or advise how I wanted my hairline to look as I had been losing my hair for a decade. There was no need though as Dr. Emirali and his staff are so experienced.

Back in England, I was able to visit clients and do sport again 7 days after the FUE operation. 2 months after the operation, I started laser treatment again. The key phase was 3-6 months post operation where I developed my new hairline. The results can be seen in the March 2014 photo. I stopped having laser treatment in summer 2014 and have recently had some sessions in 2015. As you can see, one FUE session with 2 x 4 month laser sessions have kept the results looking permanent.

The changes to my life are incredible. My self-esteem is so much higher, I feel as if my personal appearance matches my energetic and dynamic character and the difference it has made to my personal life is incredible as I feel very confident around women. I feel as if I missed out a bit in my twenties and wish I had met Sam sooner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sam Cinkir and Este World to people suffering with hair loss. Sam gives excellent advice due his years of experience and treats his customers in a warm, professional and caring manner which is important when tackling this sensitive matter.

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