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Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical, medically proven treatment for hair loss. PRP therapy is suitable for both men and women suffering from common hair loss conditions such as male pattern baldness, alopecia, or hair thinning.

Plasma is a component of blood comprising of healing and growth factors. The treatment is designed to help strengthen follicles and increase the thickness of the hair. PRP is carried out through a 3-stage technique. Platelet Rich Plasma will not replace lost hair; however it will strengthen and thicken existing hair.

How is Platelet Rich Plasma performed?

First, the blood is taken from the patient, then centrifuged to separate out the plasma. A local anesthetic is administered to completely numb the treatment area.

Because it is your own blood and plasma, this technique is relatively safe and carries little chance of rejection or reaction to the plasma. Our hair transplant experts recommend 7-10 sessions of PRP to achieve the most satisfying results. Your hair transplant doctor may prescribe other medications such as Rogaine or Propecia to improve results.

The application of PRP enriches hair follicles and promotes growth of hair.

Platelet Rich Plasma recovery time

The recovery from PRP therapy is usually free of complications. Pain is easily managed with Ibuprofen medication. You may experience some mild swelling of the forehead for 4-6 hours following PRP injections. This is normal and will subside in 48 hours. Patients can wash their hair normally immediately after the injections.

Results of Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss

The new hair is expected to grow as early as 2 months. However over the course of 5-8 months, the hair will continue to grow and improve up to a year after treatment. 

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