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Male Breast Reduction

Many male patients can feel embarrassed and self conscious about having enlarged breasts. There are many underlying factors contributing to gynecomastia, mostly being hormonal and genetic.

For this reason many men say they suffer from poor body image, expressing feelings of shame and humiliation; they often feel self conscious to remove their shirt in public and shy away from social activities like swimming. Gynecomastia can have a negative implications on both physique and psyche of a man.

Luckily, cosmetic male breast reduction can help restore a more masculine profile and improve your body image and self-esteem.

What can male breast reduction surgery do for your appearance?

Benefits of male breast reduction are both physical and psychological. Having been bothered by enlarged breast appearance, for years, you will feel better about what you see in the mirror. You will feel more comfortable removing your shirt in public and engaging in social activities such as going to the beach. Male breast reduction is a very gratifying and liberating experience for men allowing them to regain self confidence and masculine shape. Summer will never be the same again!

Expect the following results after undergoing male breast reduction surgery:

- A more masculine looking chest

- Reduced breast tissue

- Smaller and flatter nipples

- Reduced excess skin and tissue

- Self-confidence boost

What happens during male breast reduction surgery?

Male breast surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia.
Liposuction can be used to remove excess fat, skin, or glandular tissue and to give you the most masculine chest contour.

Due to our plastic surgeons outstanding skill and expertise, any scarring is usually minimal and discreet, fading overtime. In patients with excess glandular tissue, our plastic surgeons at Esteworld Medical Group remove this tissue with a specialised cannula, inserted through the same tiny incision in the armpit area used for liposuction. The incision is closed with a single dissolvable suture, leaving an unnoticeable scar.

Who qualifies for male breast reduction?

Good candidates for gynecomastia surgery should be in good health and have sufficient skin elasticity to adapt to the body’s improved contours. Male breast reduction surgery can be performed on men of any age who have realistic expectations.

Recovering from male breast reduction

You will experience some pain for several days. Most discomfort resulting from male breast reduction can be managed with oral medication, which will be prescribed by your surgeon.

Male breast reduction post-operative timeline and instructions:

- Surgical compression must be worn for the first few days after surgery

- For approximately 2 weeks following male breast surgery, you will wear a special compression garment

- You may be given a prescription for antibiotics

- Most patients have some degree of swelling, bruising and tenderness which should subside overtime

- Most patients are able to return to work within the first week

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