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Neck Lift

After a certain age, skin and tissue begin to droop and sag below the chin and around the neck. This often obscures the youthful contours of the chin and jawline, resulting in an aged appearance. A neck lift procedure is designed to remove unwanted weight, tighten neck muscles and to get rid of undesired band lines in the neck region. Much like facelift surgery, neck lift is a surgical rejuvenation treatment that can help contour the neck area and improve the various signs of aging. With neck lift surgery, you can expect a natural and more youthful appearance of the neck.

What can neck lift do for your appearance?

There are many benefits to neck lift surgery. The most vital benefit of neck lift is the rejuvenation of the neck and re-creation of youthful facial appearance.

Here is a list of benefits achieved by neck lifting:

- Rejuvenation of neck

- Elimination of “turkey neck” banding in the neck

- Re-sculpting of sharp neck angle

- Contouring the jawline

- Reduction in lax skin and wrinkles within the neck

- Creating a longer, more attractive-looking neck

- Correction of double or triple chin

- Incisions are placed behind the ears, which makes it virtually unnoticeable

What happens during a neck lift surgery?

Prior to your neck lift surgery at Esteworld Medical Group, you must see your assigned plastic surgeon for a physical exam and some lab tests. All patients must be thoroughly assessed and declared fit for neck lift surgery. Neck surgery (neck lift) aims to tighten the middle area of the neck by realigning the muscles or removing a portion of them. Once the muscles have been perfectly aligned, they will be permanently sutured in place.

There are two types of neck lift surgery: the suture suspension neck lift and open platysmaplasty neck lift. The suture suspension neck lift is faster and requires less incisions, hence less scarring. It can be performed in approximately one-and-a-half hours. You can return home in a couple of hours after the procedure. Small incisions are traditionally made under the chin and behind the ears during the procedure. They can easily be placed in hidden locations.

The open platsymaplasty neck lift surgery is usually longer and requires three hours of surgical time. Patients return home the same day. During open platsymaplasty neck lift, incisions are placed under the chin, behind the ears and in front of the ears. The neck muscles and skin are tightened and liposuction of the neck is administered.

By repositioning the tissues of the neck, the jawline is also given a better contoured and youthful look. Exactly what neck surgery involves will be based on the nature of your anatomy. If you have excess fat deposits in your neck, liposuction might be applied to eliminate them. Sculpting a clearer contours between chin and neck can include restructuring the muscle in the front of the neck, known as the platysma muscle.

It is imperative to stop smoking as the chemicals can affect the surgery results. You must stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery and continue for two weeks afterwards. During your consultation session with your plastic surgeon, she will discuss other substances and medications that you should avoid.

Who qualifies for neck lift surgery?

Good candidate for a neck lift is a man or woman aged between 40 to 70 years, in good health and has realistic expectations of neck lift surgery.

Having a good skin tone and elasticity can contribute to the success of neck lift surgery. Your skin and neck structure will be accessed at your initial consultation session with one of Esteworld Medical Group plastic surgeons to determine whether a neck lift is suitable for your condition.

Any person who is dissatisfied with the look of the their neck- and in overall good health- is a good candidate for neck lift.

Patients usually choose neck lift to correct one or a combination of the following problems:

- Double chin

- Saggy neck skin due to weight loss or aging

- Wrinkled skin in the middle of the neck

- Lax neck skin

- Insufficient definition between the chin and neck

Recovering from neck lift surgery

In most cases, neck lift procedure is carried on an outpatient basis and patients can go home shortly after the surgery. You will need to have someone drive you home as you may feel sleepy from anesthetic and the area around the incisions will be sore.

You may also experience mild discomfort, which can be alleviated with pain medication. You can most likely return to work or school within 2 weeks following your surgery.

In 3-week time, you can most likely return to your physical exercise program. Most of the visible signs of neck lift surgery should fade within about 3 weeks. Your neck will need to be wrapped with a special bandage that will be provided to you after surgery. This will help reduce any swelling of the neck and help promote contraction of the skin.

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